Namyong’s entire life has been inspired by food. As a youngster, Namyong grew up on a salt farm in Mokpo, Korea — a city famous for seafood. When Namyong was ten, he was taken under the guidance of his uncle (a chef working under the renowned Chosen Group) and taught how to cook. In his final year of secondary school, he was accepted into the prestigious Korea Culinary Art Science High School. During his time there, he led a team of students to win the gold medal at the Food Academy Competition held by the Korean Ministry of Labour. Drawing upon his vast experience in international culinary arts, Namyong masterfully creates tantalizing modern Korean dishes.
In the beginning, Hoon had started honing his skills as a chef in a family restaurant. He graduated culinary from Daeduk university in Korea, famously known for the culinary arts. Hoon had moved to Winnipeg and started his journey as a chef in a family restaurant for two years. Hoon later moved back to Korea and opened a Korean BBQ restaurant and maintained it for five years. After having a busy five years, he looked back on his life and often found himself missing the time he had in Canada. Hoon decided to pack up everything with his family and settled in Edmonton. Hoon had worked in various restaurants such as Japonais Bistro, Dorinku Tokyo, Dorinku Osaka and his aim to introduce Edmontonians to the Korean food that he had so long specialized in, delivering through his current endeavour, Korea Town.
After being discharged from the Marine, Heuk worked in a small restaurant and worked his way up from the bottom, starting as a server, as the Asian culture can be very strict and methodical on the following steps. While Heuk was learning to become a server, the owner of the restaurant had brought up the idea he learned the skills necessary to cook over at his other restaurant in Japan. A year later, after many challenges of learning different techniques and being specialized, Heuk returned to Korea to pursue his dreams. Heuk was referred to as the “Son of Hongdae,” in which he spent most of his career as a chef in Hongdae. Making his way to Canada, Heuk worked in various restaurants including Japonais Bistro, Dorinku Tokyo, Dorinku Osaka, now finding himself at his current project - Korea Town.